Pros and Cons of CAPTCHA Logic Questions

As you consider the use of textual-CAPTCHAs it is important to weigh their pros and cons compared to an image-based service such as ReCAPTCHA.

Example of a reCAPTCHA image

An image based CAPTCHA from ReCAPTCHA.

Although such image CAPTCHAs are widespread, they create problems:

The W3C has witten a paper about the inaccessibility of current CAPTCHAs, and additional comments have been made by the RNIB and web leaders 456 Berea St. In such articles, the use of logic questions are suggested as a more accessible CAPTCHA test.

There are disadvantages to a logic question approach:

So, there are the arguments: your choice! This site generates logic questions for you if you want. Peruse some examples of the questions that are generated. Find out how our service works, and sign up for your own account.

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